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crazyshit User Avatar
160,301 Views 4 weeks ago Slutty / INSATIABLE
  • udderyanker September 4, 2023

    Terrible way to clean out the ass. Had too many last minute little 1” turds pop out on top of me. Never use water, use warm oil, that’s the only thing that cleans you out all the way up to your stomach. Otherwise you’re gonna get dislodged pebbles here and there and it sucks with a front seat and wide open mouth.

    If not available, pissing into a coffee pot over a couple hours and turning it up on “warm” will be sufficient. Just be sure it’s nearly full or else you’ll get the pebbles. Trust me y’all, I know.

  • sagiloco30 September 4, 2023

    What went wrong with the human race SERIOUSLY

  • csgod September 4, 2023

    Pussy sammich was so good I had to wipe my cock

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