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crazyshit User Avatar
1,007,701 Views 2 years ago WTF
  • darkluckandporn November 15, 2022

    she not a sex slave she keepsgetting tatoo and a slave would be tied up or breening foucre or beat

  • d4nny98 November 15, 2021

    Anyone know more videos of her?

  • mrbilly1978 October 14, 2021

    Hang on a second. Is it confirmed this is real or is it just speculation because the couple erased all the videos and disappeared, follow by the mass scrubbing PornHub performed. Sounds like a wild internet rumor. I mean I know people are crazy but to kidnapp a woman and then document and upload everything to the most popular porn site online is insane.

    I would think if it was real and these people were caught and arrested there would be news stories about it all over.

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