September 16, 2023


  •   gallo September 16, 2023

    The maddog rant, welcome back doggie :)

  • malroth September 16, 2023

    So drinking malt liquor and taking Marijuana edibles means I'm "California Sober"? I assume "Ohio Sober" involves using meth responsibly then.

  •   maddog123 September 16, 2023

    yep. all night long every thirty minutes nurses of all ages sizes discription all wearing low cleavage uniforms tits tits more tits ! I be laying there on my bed flat and they would hover right over me Titus right in my face fixing my pillow ,in the emergency room they were doing it ,i believe if it wasn't for all them titties in my face my heart would gave gone out ,one set of titties made some chin contact I was in fucking heaven ,the hospice nurses I have here at home aren't so glamorous there my age little older ,huge asses no tits but I guess they will do

    Dirty dog ain't dead yet.

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