Don't Stand There

Don't Stand There
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David G.
32,857 Views 7 years ago Accidents

Wasn't the best place to stand around when a bull came out stampeding from the gate that door slammed straight on his face and knocked him down

  • sbohica August 18, 2016

    ^^ You're a weird little guy @cyber and why you continue to sniff out my cock is macabre...

  • cyberbu11y August 18, 2016

    @sbohica we know. It was funny when you so confidently put your leg up on the gate and began telling ur buddies about how u negged the shit out some random hot guy on the internet... Then.. WHAM! The proverbial gate of the caged beast smashed ur own asshole into ur mouth

  •   picklehiesner August 17, 2016

    Winner = Bull

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