February 6, 2024


  •   calethehuman February 6, 2024

    Some idiot just tried to rob the bank by my house with a bomb, now all of the roads are closed. Asshole.

  • poppadog February 6, 2024

    Good morning Crazy Shitters. Have the day you deserve...

  • covidxtra2 February 6, 2024

    CJB just finished a speech and he just tried to blame the republicans for his decision to take a wrecking ball to our border and allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter which include drug dealers,rapists, cartel members ,disease carrying illegals , gang members. So what could go wrong? Mainly an invasion of our country so that CJB and the democrats can make them new voters for the democrats and establish a 1 party rule like we haqve here in California. What a fuckin ASSHOLE !


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