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90,801 Views 2 weeks ago Slutty / WTF IS WRONG WITH JAPAN?
  • japseye April 4, 2024

    They sound better than the annoying American porn whores with that super fake moaning and slut language.

  • maxmotivated April 4, 2024

    last one, kitty kum retarded, is only half japanese and only ok if she doesnt talk. rest is good.

  • dmoriarty April 4, 2024

    Hello everyone from Osaka!!

    I think the people who make read my comments about "no more strange Japanese videos." They have found some very strange ones for "Fucking Japanese!" I don't know I can explain for this, but I will try!! ┬┴┬┴┤゚д゚)

    1)The first video is fish head, but I don't understand at all. Really "fucking Japanese!!!"

    2)The second video I don't know for sure, but his white shirt meaning is either high school boy or office worker. Therefore the woman must be his teacher or boss. She is probably bitch who gives power harassment, so he kidnap and torture her with sexual things...but it is not rape because she loves it! (´∀`)

    3)The third video is funny because they preparing for some kind of sex championship! By the way, the translation is not really correct, but it is basically giving you general meaning. The signs are funny and strange!! It is written like "If you are bad at sex, you are not human" and "One shot, one kill." (Shot is cumshot, not kill with gun.) σ(*´∀`*)

    **I'm sorry, but the last position looks strange, but it feels so good!! Guys, please try with your girlfriend or wife tonight!!!**

    4)The next situation is another torture video. She is JK and he is her teacher. I don't like this actor--he is so scary!! (/ω\)

    5)The last video's girl is SO CUTE!!! But I don't think she is in Japan. My reason is ... there is NO kitchen this big in Japan. ٩( ᗒᗨᗕ )۶ Also, the electric plug is American style. Third, we don't have big oven in Japan. Lastly, the electric plug are American style, not Japan. I'm sorry, but not fucking Japanese!!!

    Saori-chan wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (⌒.−)=★

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