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  • ethon123456789 June 16, 2024

    background story for the last video:

    A long-standing beef between neighboring families exploded when a man was shot dead by his neighbor during a fight over a water sprinkler at a luxurious condominium in Costa Rica.

    Otoniel Orozco, a 53-year-old father-of-five from Nicaragua, was shot at least 14 times by Eduardo Ramírez, 43, in front of their homes on Monday morning.

    Tensions flared after Ramírez's wife stepped out of her residence to turn the sprinkler on that was on her property and challenged Orozo to turn it off.

    The woman told Orozco, 'Here I am waiting for you to come and turn off the sprinkler, you fool.'

    Orozco's wife subsequently stepped out of the apartment and told Ramírez's spouse, 'You also bother a lot,' and accused of envying her family.

    A war of words ensue as both women continued to curse at each other.

    Orozco and his wife can be seen approaching the couple as they kept arguing over the sprinkler.

    Both women then came face-to-face before Orozco punched Ramírez, who responded by pulling a gun from under his shirt and shooting his neighbor.

    He continued to fire his weapon while Orozco was lying on the ground. Ramírez's wife stepped in and grabbed him by the neck and pulled him away as Orozco's wife screamed in horror.

    Ramírez's father told Costa Rican online news portal La Teja that the disagreement between both families stemmed from a construction that ruined the walls of his son's home.

  • maxmotivated June 13, 2024

    the first 3 shots are reasonable, the other 8 are not

  • batero65 June 13, 2024

    1. That is why it is not good to fight with a coward with a gun.

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