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crazyshit User Avatar
56,801 Views 1 week ago Extreme Content / CS ANATOMY 101
  • lolygagen July 11, 2024

    I never watch these, and I feel sorry for the people that find this entertaining, but this category, my tummy can't handle

  •   farcanal July 10, 2024

    Ok, I’ll confess, I involuntarily went “Ohhh eeeww!” at that last one where the guy squeezes his eye puss towards the camera.

    Worse than the human centipede.

  • xunkun July 10, 2024

    And that, gentlemen, is why you don't listen to that "skincare means you're gay" incel bullshit. Wash your face, even if it's just warm water and a paper towel.

    Also, don't take Krokodil like the leg guy.

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