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67,401 Views 1 week ago Fights / NO CHANCE
  • uvam July 12, 2024

    White people need to change their mindset, the pedophile goat fuckers and negroes hate us, they rape our daughters, kill us without the slightest moral remorse, in fact in the bog roll they call their "sacred text" the demon they worship compels them to commit those horrors on anyone whos not a pedophile goat fucker like them. Thats why they are invading anyway. So if you got an angry pedophile goat fucker getting to your face strike him first, better that than he strikes you and the traitor judges let them go scot free anyway.

  • jpvd July 11, 2024

    A. Some of the commentary is quite amusing.

    B. Easy to see how 'one-punch' can kill when head meets concrete from a 4-6 foot dead drop.

  • cantbeblank July 10, 2024

    A nice casual elbow to the noggin

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